Jabber IM Hosting Services

Jabber is here! It is fast becoming the ultimate open source instant messaging system, allowing you to see your friends, employees, and customers online and then exchange messages with them in real-time chat.

Want to run your own Internet Messenger service? The following hosts let you run a Jabber server as part of their hosting packages. DreamHost is the most popular and best value.

DreamHost - from $7.95 a month

Jabber is an open source, decentralized Instant Messaging protocol that DreamHost offers free of charge on every hosting plan.

"Service provider Dreamhost (dreamhost.com) is a prominent proponent of the service. The firm offers IM hosting capacity to individual end-users with every account. A novice systems administrator can also easily install Jabber on any standard unmanaged dedicated server. This makes the software package popular, since it can be installed on equipment from nearly any consumer-grade Web host. " From Web Host Industry Review


Damosoft run the latest stable version (1.4.3) and can provide transports for MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and Multi-User Conferencing. All virtually hosted under your own domain name. You can create/update and remove user accounts, reset lost passwords, and manage your virtual jabber server from their control panel.

SSL available as a optional extra, subject to you providing a SSL certificate or purchasing their Jabber SSL package which includes a Comodo 128bit Annual Certificate.


Their active server gateways are Jabber Directory, Jabber Conferencing, AIM®, ICQ®, MSN®, and Yahoo!® messengers!

The Basic Hosting plan ($60 per year) caters for up to 10 Jabber users. Other plans go as high as 600 users

Vital Server

Private servers from $50 per month

Also, try The Doodle Project

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